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Welcome to S*Blytens!

A small-scale family cattery raising coloured and silver abyssinians.

The “family” in question consists of the biologist couple Anna Lejfelt-Sahlén and Göran Sahlén and their two sons Erland (born 2006) and Edvin (born 2012). The name S*Blytens was registered already in 1991, but it was not until 2010 that we really got started as ABY breeders. We live in the countryside approx. 13 km S of Uppsala, Sweden.


At present we have three fertile queens (ruddy, blue and sorrel, respectively), an elderly neutered ruddy queen and a neutered half-ABY tom living permanently with us. We alo have both a queen and two studs living with host families.


We do, of course, strive to breed good-looking cats with a potential for becoming successful show-cats and studs/queens. But to us, a robust health and a stable, friendly temperament have always been even more important. After all – even a show-cat spends at least 90% of its time being a family member…

If you consider buying one of our kittens, you are always welcome to contact us. Acquiring a kitten is a big decision that must be thought through very carefully, and hence there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. Furthermore, the kittens we raise will always have a place in our hearts and minds. Therefore we are very happy to hear how they are doing, also many years after they left home!


The best way to reach us is by e-mail: anna.lejfelt-sahlen(a) (+46702352314), goran.sahlen(a) (+46705437223)


SC S*Blytens Masha, ABY o


Masha was born on January 18th 2014; the daughter of SC S*Blytens Marrella and SC (N) Mayas Pride Jazz (ABY n). It was really hard to choose between Masha and her two pretty, ruddy sisters, but we have never regretted our decision. Masha is an extremely friendly and sweet-tempered girl who has made a quick and successful carreer as a show-cat, and has recently given birth to her first litter.

IC S*Blytens Luna, ABY a


Luna was born on September 8th 2011; the daughter of S*Nekayah’s Dina Dicentra and Assarias Ignis’s Tilly (ABY n). Luna is a talkative, sociable and very intelligent lady who, e.g., easily opens all unlocked doors, retrieves her favourite toys and accompanies us for walks. As the under-coat of her back is white rather than beige, we have decided to mate her to silver males, with the aim of broadening the alarmingly narrow gene base of Europaean silver abyssinians.

SC S*Blytens Marrella, ABY n


Marrella was born on March 14th 2010; the daughter of S*Nekayah’s Dina Dicentra and SC S*Abylyx Frutti Divino (ABY o). Unlike her mother, Marrella is a true-born show cat, who jumps into the transport bag by herself when she sees that we are preparing to go to a cat show. She has had three litters so far.

S*Nekayah’s Dina Dicentra


Dina was born in Kristin Stenmark’s home in Umeå on February 5th 2006; the daughter of EC S*Nekayah’s Iris Indigo (ABY a) and IC & GIP (FI) Proxima Herschel (ABY o). She moved in with us in late May 2006. Dina is a great lover of outdoor life, who happily accompanies us for a 5 km walk, but dislikes cat shows. She, eventually, became an excellent mother – in fact the direct or indirect origin of all our other cats. She “retired” as a breeding queen at the end of 2012, and now she focuses on helping to raise our two-legged boys.


Tussemuss, ABY cross-breed


Tussemuss and his two sisters came as a pleasant surprise to us, just as we had begun to suspect that our new breeding queen in spe, S*Nekayah’s Dina Dicentra, was barren. He was born on October 8th 2010. Today Tussemuss is a large and muscular but quite timid neuter, who spends most of his time out hunting, but comes home every night to be fed and cuddled.